Cowley Book Cafe

We are in the planning stages of introducing a new shop to the Winfield / Arkansas City area. It will be an upscale bookshop selling discounted new books, as well as used books. We will accept trade-ins, and establish customer accounts. We also plan to have a coffee shop and some seating near the center of the store. We’re currently chatting with different vendors to see who will be going in to serve coffee downtown, but no matter who we contract, we’re sure you’re going to love it!

We also hope to host local authors and artists for signing and events as well, and make space available to them to sell their books, artwork and photography. If you’re a local author or artist, please CONTACT US in order to discuss details. You’ll want to be in and ready when our doors open! We’ve especially thought out our children’s section, and plan to have a space where the little ones can be safe and kept busy while adults shop. Stay tuned in for our progress, and an official opening announcement. Make sure and bookmark the website: http:booksandcoffee.us.

Another idea that’s being discussed but which has not yet been decided upon/solidified, is having a salad bar during a pre-designated lunch period, lasting from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Monday – Friday. The team member handling the salad bar idea wants your input. His plan is to have a few pre-selected salad types such as Caesar, and Southwestern Chicken etc. as well as normal to exotic toppings so that you can order the salad to suit you. He plans to keep prices low to make a healthy lunch available to all. If you have ideas, please CONTACT US and let us know what you’d like to see on the salad bar!

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